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Balochistan Bar Council

The Balochistan Bar Council is a statutory & deliberative assembly of lawyers in Balochistan for safeguarding the rights, interests and privileges of practicing lawyers, within Balochistan province of Pakistan. The Council also regulates the conduct of lawyers and helps in the administration of justice. It has been constituted by Section 3(ii) of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973 of constitution of Pakistan. All lower court and High Court lawyers within Balochistan are licensed with this council.
The Balochistan Bar Council consists of Vice Chairman, & Chairman Executive Committee, both elected by Members of Balochistan Bar Council each year and these Members are elected by the advocates from four (04) Groups of different constituencies across the Balochistan Province. Members serve a term of five years, beginning on January 1, with elections held each November to fill seats of those whose terms will expire in the following January. The Advocate General of Balochistan acts as ex-officio Chairman of Balochistan Bar Council.